“These works glow with transcendence of life...”



The Luminosity That’s Lavarius

Lava’s paintings are above all the energy and luminosity of spirit and nature - expressed through vivid florescent colours, explosive movement, highly textured surface, and deep felt appreciation of nature as art. In fact nature is the energy force the fuels his creativity. And so, he combines contemporary abstract with the natural beauty of carefully selected rocks and bark.

The light is key to achieving luminosity and altering the viewer’s experience. In a totally darkened room his works retain their vitality, vibrancy and virtuosity. It deepens the experience with sensational colour and luminosity that produces an inner glow. Simply put, you can’t be content just looking at his art...you are likely to have an intense desire to come closer and touch it to become part of the spiritual experience.

Lava’s themes are about the power and force of nature: tsunami and hurricanes, while his shapes evoke the galaxy, the sanctuary of the womb, the flow of the life and the power of water.

A striking, outstanding and truly unique aspect of his works that can heighten the impact even further is the use of a remote controlled “light box.” By directing it at a special and distinctively framed work, it can be used to tone down its luminosity, all the while retaining it’s vivid florescent nature, and then used to increase the luminosity of the work to an even higher degree of striking luminosity with a truly three-dimensional aspect forthcoming. And this change in luminosity can be done incrementally, adding even more to this outstanding and volatile feature.